Rota do arroz

From Praia da Comporta to Praia do Carvalhal, through the lowland, among rice fields.

Ext.: 10.6 km 03:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota palafítica

From Comporta Beach to Carrasqueira. Plane route, from the coastal dune cord, through the village of Comporta, along the marshland, to the palafitic port of Carrasqueira.

Ext.: 7.6 km 2:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota dos golfinhos

From Troia till Comporta beach, along dune, between sea and Sado estuary. Beautiful landscapes to Arrabida.

Ext.: 17.6 km 06:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota de Fernão Mendes Pinto

From Galé Beach to Melides Lagoon, along the coast, passing by Aberta Nova Beach.

Ext.: 10.4 km 04:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota dos pescadores

From Praia do Carvalhal to Praia da Galé, along the coast, through pine forests and the fossil cliffs of the Alentejo coast.

Ext.: 12.4 km 04:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota do garum

From Troia till Ácala. Percourse between the oceanic beach and the ruins of the largest fish complex of Roman empire.

Ext.: 2.5 km 0:40h Dificuldade:

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